Thursday, December 9, 2010

music correlates to life 12/9

I really do have a fascination with music and its correlation with the human mind and how your life plays out.

As stated in a pervious blog post, I find it weird how sounds can be related to people. The fact that a song can start playing and you can breakdown because it reminds you of an ex or maybe it was the song that was played at your mother's funeral. Songs have emotional ties which are closely knit with the trigger of a human's emotions.

This morning, I was woken up to the girl in the dorm next to me blasting some really, really bad ghetto music, So i clicked on my Ipod to attempt to drown her music. I was shuffling through songs when I realized, a lot of my songs, i've just over listened to them and its hard to listen to them some more.

Then I thought, what if this correlates to the humans way of interaction with others? We, as humans are known to follow the quote that states, "we never know what we have until it's gone." For most people, their emotions and expiereicnes have clearly portrayed this to be completely truthful.

We usually hangout with the same people everyday, do the same tasks everyday, and live our lives like this. Because of this, we get unappreciative of our friends and our families to the point where we look in the wrong directions to find something new.

In a way this is like music, we lsiten to a song too much- we don't want it anymore. Yeah, sure we'll listen to it but we won't like it as much. But then when you find something new- you absolutley love it and you ignore the flaws of it.

Maybe we really do need to see the small things more clearly and appreciate what we have and don't always search for something new.

Or I just sound crazy :p

Monday, November 15, 2010

Imagine. 11/15

I'd like to imagine a world where we could pause time and get lose in our own happiness. That our hearts were constructed to be indestructable even with the coldest ones pounding at it.

I imagine this quite often actually. especially when i've had a bit too much to drink. Our lives, the one thing all of us are searching for is love. The need to love and care for someone and the need for that affection to be returned. We often are misunderstood in relationships which leads us to the broken heart.

I'm begining to question the importance of love in our lives. I have been nothing but hurt when it comes to love and i'm wondering if i should even attempt to find it. the beauty in the world can be loved, your friends can be loved, your family can be loved, so that means i don't need to find, "the one" right? I can fend on my own and be independent. I don't need a man to find happiness.

But once I actually think this over, I come to the conclusion that i'm just imagining.... yet again.

Monday, October 4, 2010


His lies intertwine,
this soul with a broken line
save this being
save this heart
before the pump
has no start

This angst has projected
spewing venom at his face
as his heart continously
begins to break

Although he deserves
he wont not admit
the fact that it was a fib
a lie and
a secure manipulation

I want out.
His embrace won't let me go, these feelings
won't show but they're holding me back
I feel his presence
holding onto my soul
not letting go

choking away the life i led
letting this all fall to the dead
can you tell this is breaking me apart
these pieces fall without a spark

cut my spine
let the blood run
cut my spine
cut my spine

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We remain in our past
engulfed in our thoughts
we're tangled in these memories that wont fade.

We find oursevles lost in people we never really did get over,
or moments we wish had never ended.
we're lost in this world in which we claim as ours

I fall into a trance of sleep but all i can dream
about is memories that haven't occured.
why can't we be happy with just what we claim as ours?
with our happiness in our lives?

I''m sitting heere
contemplating if i want it
or i'm just drowning in a dream

someone needs to wake me up
from what may be a dream
mmight in fact just be a nightmare

Saturday, August 28, 2010

for you baby

We whisper words we've been afriad to say
waiting for
the leaves to change
your embrace rejuivnates my soul and heart
it lets me know that this love still has spark

lets cuddle and lay
without a single word
we can find ourselves, tangled
in our oown minds with memories racing through

i love you more than words can say
and frankly, these emotions will never fade away
i know you may not believe my words
i swear to god my emotions will show
just give me time and let me hear
the words of change, the actions are near.

I can't go a minute
without your sweet face
the sound of your voice
following my days

I want you to be mine
and for me to be yours
but i'm not ready for this change
my emotions are still obscure

Saturday, August 21, 2010

is emotionless even a word?

i'm gonna breathe
and let these emotions invade my mind,
penetrate my blood stream and catalyze my happiness.

i'm gonna leap off waterfalls and close my eyes.
i'm gonna take a deep breath and dive into this situation
which seemed so long ago.

I'd like to raise my head up high,
on a mountain, high.
i want to see the colors blend and the smell's mix.

i want to rejuvinate my soul, i want to feed my mind.
letting nature enstill in my body, slowly taking over my mindset.
I want to be shown what living means.
I want to see my mind wander into far away places, where i can remain safe without doubt.

Take me there, take me to he clouds.
take me beyond the stars and th sky,
Take me to the dream that i once had.
leave me to wither, and become

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I stare out the passage way of my imagination.
I remember seeing the lights, thinking I was at th top of the world.
I saw the storms on the surface but I turned around.

I remember the kingdom, i had made up,
my imagination running through my thoughts.
I felt so protected, up so high.
It brings me the memories of what it's like to lie.

The colors wee merging and releasing a light.
As i stare in the distance, 10 years has passed by.
I realize the surface was just a wing by my eyes.
I realize the storm was nothing but lights.

I grow older and wiser,
yet these memories linger.
I watch the clouds pass by,
waiting for nothing but,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peace and the power of love.

This life is full of hatred, violence, heartbreak, and full-blown wars. Wars between countries, cities, marriages, families, and even friendships. How are we expected to dig ourselves out of this hole that we have all sunken into too?

People protest against this in hopes of showing the realization that love and peace is all that we really need. But, in the back of their minds. They know it will never happen.

Why isn't society capable just to see the good in life? If everyone was loved, if everyone was cared for, if no one lied, cheated or harrassed. We'd live in a world that I would be proud of.

This world that we all reside in is digusiting to me. It's disguisting to see people kick someone down to the floor. It's appauling to see someone sit on the corner of a street, dying, asking people for a few dollars just so he can feed his only son. It's plain depressing to see what this world has come too.

It's depressing to see people ask for money to have sex or to see a husband cheat on his wife whom he, "loves". People forgot the real meaning of sex, the fact that it shows love. It's a connection between two people who are in love with each other. Love-making.

We see people take their own lives because love has destroyed them. We see Dad's lie to his own children about who the woman he was kissing was. We see boyfriends lie to their girlfriends about who they've been with or what they did.

I am not proud one bit of living in this trash-pit of a world. People are truly disguisting except for the ones whom believe that this world's cravings can simply be fed on peace and the power of love.

Friday, June 25, 2010


My heart's breaking into a thousand pieces,
shattered over the cold, marble floor.
Don't lose the scattered lies, they might be repairable,
just like before.
Can't you see your future will be lit if
changes are apparent in this life we do live?

I can see your mask,
to disguise the pain and to think that you
can throw all of this away.
Can you recall the night we kissed and let our troubles
pass into the abyss?
Can you recall us with smiles spread,
upon our faces like we always said.

My hands are yearning for your touch,
the warmth that radiates onto me.
I miss the way your lips hug mine,
leaving me to believe that things are just fine.
Your whispers in my ear,
they're ringing all the time.
I hear your soft voice trickle my spine.

We can go back even if it may take some work,
we can live a life that we can call our own,
we can let prosper this love that has grown.

I love you darling,
can't you see?
the only one for you, is me.
your eyes are blind,
but your heart can see.
that this was a mistake,
and it's all because of me

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Let's hold hands while the music intertwines our hearts under the moonlight.
lets shout until our voices strain from the pain we release.
let's run through a field, leaving our past behind.
lets pretend that this life is possible, that our choices and our feelings are real.

Let's escape from our imaginations and thoughts.
we can discover what this is like, what it's meant to be.
lets live like we have forever to kill.
let our lips touch, slightly, just to know what it's like.

Your scent lingers on my clothes, slightly.
I can pretend for tonight that thing's will be all right.
Let's share secrets and forget who we are and where we come from.

Let it that hold us back dissapear and be forgotten.
just tonight,
under this moonlight.


Tell me these streets are better driven on alone.
Tell me my hair isn't scented with the smok that lingers.
Tell me that love is a sacred emotion and that it's possible.
Drown me in these lies that are entangled in my mind.

The music is contradicting my thoughts,
leaving open wounds to swell under the moonlit sky.
I watch as my eyes wander from the sky, the
dark unknown wonder to the truth tearing from your eyes.

Watch me drift away,
leaving these unknown thoughts to fade to an unknown memory.
Was this ever real or a fabrication of our,
lives? wonders? hopes and dreams?

I'll dream tonight.
I'll let my eyes shut and let them awake to light.
I wish things could be more upfront and not misleading.
What's a lie if the truth not be told?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A place i'm unknown with, a place neither touched or grazed upon these fearsome eyes.

You showed your unkindness, the sin in your lives.

But baby, this is different, the evaporated lies

no longer share a scent drifting through the warm, fresh,

Your arms are my security,

a promise of joy, a feeling of love,

a promise of commitment.

Although distance may part us well, soon enough,

this love will grow and prosper among.

Love never dies nor will it ever.

This love that we share we will love forever.

Baby I can't describe these emotions you bring,

the love of an angel,

the way it makes it sing.

This bless upon myself,
has brought purity throughout.
leaving love to conquer the hell that surrounds.

Take my hand
and guide me along
this obstacle to be known as
a life of not long.

we will prosper,
we will stay strong.
and yes i will miss,
I will miss you chris.
but love,
this bliss you have brought upon
will forever linger,
in my mind,
in my heart,
in my soul
and forever beyond.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A love is a bond,
an unconditional promise.
A bless that's bestowed upon us,
leaving our hearts to belong to one another.
A promise that's forever.
that's not a figment of our imagiantions.
That two hearts can grow, live, and prosper,
intertwined by the obstacles that life may provide us with.

Love can be awarded upon us,
when we find the one we want to share our lives with.
The one whom we will share our years, and learn life's worth.
When you say, i love you, it's not a saying, a habit, or words scrambled in a sentence.
It's a promise, a way of life and the thought that occupy's my brain.

I'll tell you a story of a love that grew,
forever it stayed,
and forever it remains true.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Transform [[poem]] 5/11/10

Transformations under the sun,
leaving hopefulness lingering in the heart thats been savoring,
the love thats been crippled by the pain thats injected.
Your voice trickles my skin,
cleansing the sins that's been captured within.
I take a deep breath as I dive in,
to a hell I achieved by the nights of the grief.
The flowers are drifiting,
along the shallow bay,
leaving souls to wander and fade to a dull grey.
Is this correct?
To let them go without a word on the brain,
without a memory scarring their everyday ways?
A past is a memory, a life that's well known.
A life that you may contemplate but that you need to let go.
Start, refresh, rejuvinate.
This life is anew with every breath you take.
Smile my young angel, the voice of light,
shining beams throughout the hardships in life.
Open the door and let the air come through,
let yourself change, feel the power within
and let yourself,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

for you baby 5/5/10

I wish I could express this feeling that's overcome me. I wish I could describe the exhilaration thats nested inside of me right now, radiating from my heart and my mind creating a whole new outlook on my life

A smile is a movement in our faces changing our expression. Some smiles are forced, some are because of a joke and some are brought upon us, well, because we just can't control ourselves. That's how I am.

I've wanted this for so long, my mind and body have been craving, longing for somebody to love and to care for. For someone to know that I will always, no matter what, be there for them and love them through any obstacles we may face in our lives. For him.

People constantly tell me that my juvinile state of being makes me translate lust as the idea of love. I prove them to be wrong by the feelings that I have for him. I know what love is, and I know what it is not. I know that i'm in love and i've been in love in the shadows as well.

I wish he could see just how much I cared and truly, loved him. I've been in a long-term relationship before. I know what it's like to be in love. He can't compare to anyone who i've ever dated, ever liked, or anyone who I have ever encoutnered in my life. People say when tehy meet the right person for them, that they just feel it. They feel right and they feel that life is complete and you can live your life knowing that happiness will reign above all. This is how I feel. I wish words could express my feelings that have been bottled up for so long, but nothing can describe this love, besides love, itself.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

words can't describe this.... 5/2/10

Have you ever been alive? Truly, alive. Not just, not dead, but actually living. When you enjoy life and you just feel like things are right and you just feel, well, alive.

I've been walking through my life dead. I have problems i've ignored and let go, I have a long relationship with abuse that's scarred on my body, i've been in relationships that have killed me, over and over and over again.

I cried myself to sleep every night for an entire year. I used to cut 3 times a week. Up until, now, I've been dead. I guess this is just let everything out that's happened to me for the past year, because well, now, i truly, feel, revived and alive.

so, this may be stupid but this is mostly just for my own well being. I need to let out what's happened and just leave it behind, let it go.

ALl the nights I cried myself to sleep.
The way I cut my arms, hips, thighs, ankles, and slit my wrists.
The way i took those 2 bottles of prescription pills.
The way I almost jumped off a building.
The way I woke up screaming for 5 months, every single night.
The way I lost everything that I had.
The way that my mom punched me in the face, kicked me when i was down, burned me with my lighter, pulled out my hair until I was bleeding, or just told me it was her biggest mistake that she adopted me.
The way I slowly turned to alcohol to make things better, making myself drunk way too often.
The way I put such a fake smile on and pretended things were okay.
The way I could't have one dream without him in it.
The way that he found me on the corner of a street, drunk, and bleeding.
The way I broke the windows in my room when he left me, leaving me to cut myself with shards of glass.
The way I made myself bulemic so that maybe I could be prettier.
The way that I threw up everyday from being so depressed.
The way I couldn't stop shaking for hours.
The way I stayed up and hoped you would wake up and talk to me.
The way I took out every mirror in my room for months because I couldn't stand to look at myself.
The way I went a week without eating.
The way I was dead.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My biggest fear 4/14/10

I'm in love with you.
You are the most beautiful thing that I have come across in my life.
I don't even find others attractive anymore, i look at people and think, eh they're okay.
over and over and over again.

You love me too.
You can't sleep without hearing my voice.
You talk to me all the time and think about me constantly.
You said you would die if I were to die.

But somehow this doesn't translate to what most people would think turn into a successful relationship. I don't know if it's me or if it's your immature ways you tend to be caught in.

If it's me, it's my jealousness. It's my fear of trusting others. It's the constant moodiness thats cause by a disorder. It's caused by the way I look or that i'm no way near perfect. It's the way I have panic attacks when I think i'm going to lsoe you. It's the way that I can't go a day without alcohol in me. It's the way i'm not strong because of the various times i've been hurt so badly. It's thescars that lay on my wrist that you can't bear to look at because you were the reason for all of them. It's me.

If it;s you, it's your fear of commitment. It's the way you feel the need to cheat on the ones you love. It's the way you're indecisive and can't decide what you really want. It's the way you know that you'll hurt me, no matter how hard you try not too. It's the way you flirt with my friends and scream at the ones you don't like. It's the way you get jealous when i hookup with other people. It's the way when things get too hard, you leave. It's the thing you're best at, leaving the ones you love. It's you.

I wanna say I blame both of us, even if your reasons seem more important. But I don't know. Love takes so mcuh to do and a relationship is just so much work to keep alive.

The thing that scares me the most?
I can lose everything in the matter of a few seconds. I can lsoe you.
That is my biggest fear.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Imperfections are so beautiful.

WHen I love someone, I love their smile, the way they make me smile and the way their arms wrap around me perfectly. But what I find to be the most beautiful thing about someone, are their imperfections.

The way their hair frizzes after some humidity, or that their height is not known to be "normal", or the way their eyes change color when they're excited about something. I always hear girls say that they hate guys who are insecure and that they need a tough man to love.

I disagree completely.

I think insecurity in a man is wonderful. It shows that thy're not fake, and that they're honestly real people. It shows me how beautiful he really is. I doubt anyone really agrees with me or that it makes much sense but..... it's how i feel.

I like the gentleness of a girl in guys in someway. I'm sometimes attracted to bi guys more than straight guys just because they make more of an attempt to make me feel good about myself, to feel loved.

Love is confusing and i'm giving up trying to understand it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me.
I'd be lying if it absolutley killed me to ignore you.
I can't not talk to you.
You're my daily dose of happiness in a form of lies.

People claim it to be unhealthy; these feeling that have grown into my lifestyle. I can't help it though. I can't change the way I live because of the control you have over me.

I would die for you, I would give my own life in order to see you live.

It kills me that you wont talk to me or that i can't even have a chance to hear your voice. It kills me that I can't even make you miss me because ill ry to ignore you.

i'm invisible to you.
Just, plain, invisible.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I listen to their groans,
hidden behind boarded windows.
Their want for my flesh is clearly portrayed.
Their mouths equivelant to a passageway of hell
with human remains lingering in their breath.
They took him, whom i loved.
with a poison through the neck.
God damn you bastards,
god damn.
I don't know who you are
if anyone
but we need to save mankind
before humanity is completely abolished.
The gun's loaded.
10 bullets at it's least.
If i shoot at their head,
they no longer will leap.
You must let your motions
exceed all limites.
My stranger, run to me.
Ill unlock the door
but please hurry.
Ill leave it cracked
for up to seconds of thirty.
If i dont see your face,
after a minute past.
I'm sorry,
my stranger.
You're one of them at last.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This [[poem]]

Slowly drifting.
Baby, strike it.
Strike it, hard.
My eyes enclose visions of the past.
Devouring my sense of logic that swarms into my mind.

Sharpen this dull blade, lets make things right.
Young heart held by such lying hands.
A human in awe with an illusion of pure,

A girl holding her strength in as words fill her fears.

When she deciphered the words,
leading to such targedy.
shes not the one, nor will become.
Whats the imperfections which lead blood to run,
against this cold, harsh, air.
Smiles and frowns reminense.
Drifiting and waiting.
You're the main cause,
the only cause.
The cause,
of this death,
of this life,
of this tragedy,
of this.

starting of a poem? possibly

Cause baby, I saw you
on the corner in the pouring rain.
You were screaming,
"love never does fade away."
and honey, those words near saved my life.
And I love you and nothings going to change my mind.

Jump [[poem]]

Young love.
Sprouting from the broken crevices of hell.
I thought i'd never meet someone new,
as perfect as you.
I stated,
over and
over and
over again.

I'll jump also.
We can run
away from this state of chaos.
Let black be your center,
your vision.
No fear must reside.

My love,
you are perfection
and perfection, we'll stay.
It's not long, nor tall.
Blood can guide our way
to the place we will transform,

we'll see love
capture our deepest emotions
leaving our lives astray.

We'll jump
and forever
we will stay.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I really like this poem type thing. idk why... 1-25-10

I walked outside today
The white snow traveling along it's journey onto the weathered ground
I stood.
I stared.
I peaked over the edge of the building contemplating the importance of life
The positives of death
I stood.
I stared.
My trembling hands lighting the one thing that makes me feel something besides pain
inhale. exhale.
I stare off into the distance believing that love won't come my way again
Thinking love has given me a chance and I managed a way to fuck it all up
I stood.
I stared.
My slow paced step led me back to my house.
The sanctuary for most. A torture chamber for me.
Why is snow white?
Why must you see it so visibly even to the naked eye
It's bright; it shows hope.
Its a lie.
It illuminates the problems us humans don't want to figure out.
It shares it's color with a few from nature
but red.
Red is a color that is rarely known to be visioned with snow
The blood that drips down from my wrist.
It leaves marks. Memories. Hope.
I can't help but think love is not real
That it's a figment of my imagination in which I created in order to help myself through life
Snow deomnstrates that for me.
It illuminates the pain that has come my way and the hope that I have lost from it all
I stood.
I stared.
I cried.
After a while
It's come to known,
everyone must come inside.

Inifinite [[REALLY shitty poem]]

What is death?
A meer consequence of nothingness
A portal-way to a world of endless posssiblities
I want to be Inifinite
Fight off the valleys of death with actions not yet taken
A quiet attempt to have a hand to hold along the way
Everyone craves another's hand to guide them
A hand to warm their coldest fears
I know he's my saviour for this conquest I have yet to call my own
My wings are yet to transoform
never ending
I want to be never ending
As long as it's pressed upon your side.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where are you my love? [[poem]]

Thoughts of you occupy my brain
Sending signals of confusion that radiates my skin
My eyes wander to the point of only what's ahead
Where are you my love?
My heart is yearning for your touch
The soul is crumbling down a tad bit too much
My hands are trembling in this cold, frosted life
The couples, I gaze, I can't stand this fight
Where are you my love?
Take my hand and bring me to anew
Show me that life is not a portal to death
Show me this life is worth breathing my seldom breath's
There's a time when I don't know why i'm here
Who will miss me or the conquer of fear
Be my savior and show me what's right
Breath hope into me, love of my life
where are you my love?
i'm waiting
Where are you my love?
I'm waiting..

old poems that I wrote a while ago

First one- I wrote this in August 2007. I
don't think I actually finished it, haha but now that I look at it, I think it's awful so I don't want to finish it, hah. It has a lot of typos which I also didn't feel like fixing, sorry.

For You
for you i hold the razor close
for you i cry and never hold
for you i see the dark at day
for you i want to fade away

look in the mirror what do you see
a broken soul or a lifeless body
this is what you did
this is what you want me to be
this is what i have
this is whats left of me

you broke my life
you bruised my soul
you killed my life
now you're in control

This second one was written in August 2008. It was to my boyfriend of the time (now ex). We dated for 2 and a half years. It's cheesy but I just adore cheesy stuff :p

perfection was never true
until the day i met you
your eyes locked mine
your eyes so divine

hands met
lips touched
racing hearts
growing love

warm hearted smile
soft gentle touch
cuddle of an angel
i love you so much

love of my life
through every single strife
what can you see
beyond happiness and glee

so lucky to be the one by your side
so lucky to see the love of my life
please never leave
i have to believe
that you will only ever want me

This last one I wrote in December 2006. So, a while ago.. I just found these in my room so I decided to put them up on here.

The bruises cover the body
The pain covers the soul
The memories haunt my movements
I need somewhere to go
The hand is cold and stiff
Watching my every move
The body is left to bruise

Dying alive
Living alone
Left in the darkness
No one is home

Grab this lifeless body
Breathe the sigh of hope
Live in all my weaknesses
Brighten up my soul

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Life story in a few paragraphs :)

My name's Kat. I am 17 years old and currently a senior in high school. I feel as if i've gone through more than most people of my age.

My life story...
I was born on July 25th 1992 . My parents died by being hit by a drunk driver which resulted me to be in the family I am in currently. My current mom abused me since I was 7 years old; physical, emotion, and neglect. My parents now are also divorced. I am not close to anyone in my family and i'm known as the family fuck up :)

I have amazing friends. Especially my best best friend- who will remain unnamed but he is the reason I came out of my depression phase. I feel that life without friends is a life that is not worth living.

Miscellaneous Info:
At the start of 2009- I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and depression. 2009 was the most difficult year of my life and I wish every single day that i could erase the entire year. I was depressed for 90-95% of the year. I also struggled with a eating disorder at the begining of 2009. Lastly, I found out I had heart problems and I got diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder.

This is just random facts about me and my life. Just so you guys know me a bit better :)
<3 kat

Poem :)

I wrote this poem a few months ago about someone. I was in a depression at the time, so it's not the most joyful poem you'll read but I hope you enjoy it.

The knife draws closer to the surface of your skin
It's propelled by the pain that you always hold within
The essence of love is nowhere to be found
The past is the key to your body staying above ground
The memories last by covering your wrists
You just wish your soul could cease to exist
The source of happiness is nothing but a lie
The pain that he's made is to leave you to die
Thewor'ds that you long for lingers in another's eyes
The tears may dry
But the heart still crumbles
You wait for nothing
But a lonley tomorrow
The idea of him has left you nothing but sorrow
Why should you stay if happiness is unattainable
This lonliness has transformed you to nothing
A sign of desctruction and empty bluffing
It's gone
The love that you lack
The love that you crave is not coming back