Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Transform [[poem]] 5/11/10

Transformations under the sun,
leaving hopefulness lingering in the heart thats been savoring,
the love thats been crippled by the pain thats injected.
Your voice trickles my skin,
cleansing the sins that's been captured within.
I take a deep breath as I dive in,
to a hell I achieved by the nights of the grief.
The flowers are drifiting,
along the shallow bay,
leaving souls to wander and fade to a dull grey.
Is this correct?
To let them go without a word on the brain,
without a memory scarring their everyday ways?
A past is a memory, a life that's well known.
A life that you may contemplate but that you need to let go.
Start, refresh, rejuvinate.
This life is anew with every breath you take.
Smile my young angel, the voice of light,
shining beams throughout the hardships in life.
Open the door and let the air come through,
let yourself change, feel the power within
and let yourself,