Thursday, May 13, 2010


A love is a bond,
an unconditional promise.
A bless that's bestowed upon us,
leaving our hearts to belong to one another.
A promise that's forever.
that's not a figment of our imagiantions.
That two hearts can grow, live, and prosper,
intertwined by the obstacles that life may provide us with.

Love can be awarded upon us,
when we find the one we want to share our lives with.
The one whom we will share our years, and learn life's worth.
When you say, i love you, it's not a saying, a habit, or words scrambled in a sentence.
It's a promise, a way of life and the thought that occupy's my brain.

I'll tell you a story of a love that grew,
forever it stayed,
and forever it remains true.


Cool Breeze said...

Damn str8 . I love your topic... Like you I believe in love too... Check me out in I finally found something worth reading.

Kat <3 said...

aw, thanks for reading and following!

Cool Breeze said...

Check my blog out. Your not alone in this world you know. coolbreeze