Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I stare out the passage way of my imagination.
I remember seeing the lights, thinking I was at th top of the world.
I saw the storms on the surface but I turned around.

I remember the kingdom, i had made up,
my imagination running through my thoughts.
I felt so protected, up so high.
It brings me the memories of what it's like to lie.

The colors wee merging and releasing a light.
As i stare in the distance, 10 years has passed by.
I realize the surface was just a wing by my eyes.
I realize the storm was nothing but lights.

I grow older and wiser,
yet these memories linger.
I watch the clouds pass by,
waiting for nothing but,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peace and the power of love.

This life is full of hatred, violence, heartbreak, and full-blown wars. Wars between countries, cities, marriages, families, and even friendships. How are we expected to dig ourselves out of this hole that we have all sunken into too?

People protest against this in hopes of showing the realization that love and peace is all that we really need. But, in the back of their minds. They know it will never happen.

Why isn't society capable just to see the good in life? If everyone was loved, if everyone was cared for, if no one lied, cheated or harrassed. We'd live in a world that I would be proud of.

This world that we all reside in is digusiting to me. It's disguisting to see people kick someone down to the floor. It's appauling to see someone sit on the corner of a street, dying, asking people for a few dollars just so he can feed his only son. It's plain depressing to see what this world has come too.

It's depressing to see people ask for money to have sex or to see a husband cheat on his wife whom he, "loves". People forgot the real meaning of sex, the fact that it shows love. It's a connection between two people who are in love with each other. Love-making.

We see people take their own lives because love has destroyed them. We see Dad's lie to his own children about who the woman he was kissing was. We see boyfriends lie to their girlfriends about who they've been with or what they did.

I am not proud one bit of living in this trash-pit of a world. People are truly disguisting except for the ones whom believe that this world's cravings can simply be fed on peace and the power of love.