Saturday, August 28, 2010

for you baby

We whisper words we've been afriad to say
waiting for
the leaves to change
your embrace rejuivnates my soul and heart
it lets me know that this love still has spark

lets cuddle and lay
without a single word
we can find ourselves, tangled
in our oown minds with memories racing through

i love you more than words can say
and frankly, these emotions will never fade away
i know you may not believe my words
i swear to god my emotions will show
just give me time and let me hear
the words of change, the actions are near.

I can't go a minute
without your sweet face
the sound of your voice
following my days

I want you to be mine
and for me to be yours
but i'm not ready for this change
my emotions are still obscure

Saturday, August 21, 2010

is emotionless even a word?

i'm gonna breathe
and let these emotions invade my mind,
penetrate my blood stream and catalyze my happiness.

i'm gonna leap off waterfalls and close my eyes.
i'm gonna take a deep breath and dive into this situation
which seemed so long ago.

I'd like to raise my head up high,
on a mountain, high.
i want to see the colors blend and the smell's mix.

i want to rejuvinate my soul, i want to feed my mind.
letting nature enstill in my body, slowly taking over my mindset.
I want to be shown what living means.
I want to see my mind wander into far away places, where i can remain safe without doubt.

Take me there, take me to he clouds.
take me beyond the stars and th sky,
Take me to the dream that i once had.
leave me to wither, and become