Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poem :)

I wrote this poem a few months ago about someone. I was in a depression at the time, so it's not the most joyful poem you'll read but I hope you enjoy it.

The knife draws closer to the surface of your skin
It's propelled by the pain that you always hold within
The essence of love is nowhere to be found
The past is the key to your body staying above ground
The memories last by covering your wrists
You just wish your soul could cease to exist
The source of happiness is nothing but a lie
The pain that he's made is to leave you to die
Thewor'ds that you long for lingers in another's eyes
The tears may dry
But the heart still crumbles
You wait for nothing
But a lonley tomorrow
The idea of him has left you nothing but sorrow
Why should you stay if happiness is unattainable
This lonliness has transformed you to nothing
A sign of desctruction and empty bluffing
It's gone
The love that you lack
The love that you crave is not coming back


dennis hodgson said...

Intense. I sense very strong and powerful emotions in these words. It's good that you can channel them into this kind of creativity, because otherwise they could destroy you.

...and if you need a pick-up, here's a poem I wrote last month (only five lines):