Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where are you my love? [[poem]]

Thoughts of you occupy my brain
Sending signals of confusion that radiates my skin
My eyes wander to the point of only what's ahead
Where are you my love?
My heart is yearning for your touch
The soul is crumbling down a tad bit too much
My hands are trembling in this cold, frosted life
The couples, I gaze, I can't stand this fight
Where are you my love?
Take my hand and bring me to anew
Show me that life is not a portal to death
Show me this life is worth breathing my seldom breath's
There's a time when I don't know why i'm here
Who will miss me or the conquer of fear
Be my savior and show me what's right
Breath hope into me, love of my life
where are you my love?
i'm waiting
Where are you my love?
I'm waiting..