Friday, June 25, 2010


My heart's breaking into a thousand pieces,
shattered over the cold, marble floor.
Don't lose the scattered lies, they might be repairable,
just like before.
Can't you see your future will be lit if
changes are apparent in this life we do live?

I can see your mask,
to disguise the pain and to think that you
can throw all of this away.
Can you recall the night we kissed and let our troubles
pass into the abyss?
Can you recall us with smiles spread,
upon our faces like we always said.

My hands are yearning for your touch,
the warmth that radiates onto me.
I miss the way your lips hug mine,
leaving me to believe that things are just fine.
Your whispers in my ear,
they're ringing all the time.
I hear your soft voice trickle my spine.

We can go back even if it may take some work,
we can live a life that we can call our own,
we can let prosper this love that has grown.

I love you darling,
can't you see?
the only one for you, is me.
your eyes are blind,
but your heart can see.
that this was a mistake,
and it's all because of me