Saturday, August 21, 2010

is emotionless even a word?

i'm gonna breathe
and let these emotions invade my mind,
penetrate my blood stream and catalyze my happiness.

i'm gonna leap off waterfalls and close my eyes.
i'm gonna take a deep breath and dive into this situation
which seemed so long ago.

I'd like to raise my head up high,
on a mountain, high.
i want to see the colors blend and the smell's mix.

i want to rejuvinate my soul, i want to feed my mind.
letting nature enstill in my body, slowly taking over my mindset.
I want to be shown what living means.
I want to see my mind wander into far away places, where i can remain safe without doubt.

Take me there, take me to he clouds.
take me beyond the stars and th sky,
Take me to the dream that i once had.
leave me to wither, and become


vengence_interpreter said...

its beautiful only id perfer to be left dreaming and jumoing off waterfalls
taking the kind of risks someone eho asks to wither away whinks of as a ferful task
i love the spirit of this poem
it makes me feel free, i hope you feel that way too