Thursday, December 9, 2010

music correlates to life 12/9

I really do have a fascination with music and its correlation with the human mind and how your life plays out.

As stated in a pervious blog post, I find it weird how sounds can be related to people. The fact that a song can start playing and you can breakdown because it reminds you of an ex or maybe it was the song that was played at your mother's funeral. Songs have emotional ties which are closely knit with the trigger of a human's emotions.

This morning, I was woken up to the girl in the dorm next to me blasting some really, really bad ghetto music, So i clicked on my Ipod to attempt to drown her music. I was shuffling through songs when I realized, a lot of my songs, i've just over listened to them and its hard to listen to them some more.

Then I thought, what if this correlates to the humans way of interaction with others? We, as humans are known to follow the quote that states, "we never know what we have until it's gone." For most people, their emotions and expiereicnes have clearly portrayed this to be completely truthful.

We usually hangout with the same people everyday, do the same tasks everyday, and live our lives like this. Because of this, we get unappreciative of our friends and our families to the point where we look in the wrong directions to find something new.

In a way this is like music, we lsiten to a song too much- we don't want it anymore. Yeah, sure we'll listen to it but we won't like it as much. But then when you find something new- you absolutley love it and you ignore the flaws of it.

Maybe we really do need to see the small things more clearly and appreciate what we have and don't always search for something new.

Or I just sound crazy :p