Monday, November 15, 2010

Imagine. 11/15

I'd like to imagine a world where we could pause time and get lose in our own happiness. That our hearts were constructed to be indestructable even with the coldest ones pounding at it.

I imagine this quite often actually. especially when i've had a bit too much to drink. Our lives, the one thing all of us are searching for is love. The need to love and care for someone and the need for that affection to be returned. We often are misunderstood in relationships which leads us to the broken heart.

I'm begining to question the importance of love in our lives. I have been nothing but hurt when it comes to love and i'm wondering if i should even attempt to find it. the beauty in the world can be loved, your friends can be loved, your family can be loved, so that means i don't need to find, "the one" right? I can fend on my own and be independent. I don't need a man to find happiness.

But once I actually think this over, I come to the conclusion that i'm just imagining.... yet again.