Thursday, June 24, 2010


Let's hold hands while the music intertwines our hearts under the moonlight.
lets shout until our voices strain from the pain we release.
let's run through a field, leaving our past behind.
lets pretend that this life is possible, that our choices and our feelings are real.

Let's escape from our imaginations and thoughts.
we can discover what this is like, what it's meant to be.
lets live like we have forever to kill.
let our lips touch, slightly, just to know what it's like.

Your scent lingers on my clothes, slightly.
I can pretend for tonight that thing's will be all right.
Let's share secrets and forget who we are and where we come from.

Let it that hold us back dissapear and be forgotten.
just tonight,
under this moonlight.


Pfan313 said...

Hello, I really like your blog. Your poems are very heart-felt. Keep up the good work!

JJ Patton said...

I really think I want that for a night. *swoons*

Kat <3 said...

pfan= Thank you so much!

jj- haha yeah! thanks!