Thursday, January 21, 2010

old poems that I wrote a while ago

First one- I wrote this in August 2007. I
don't think I actually finished it, haha but now that I look at it, I think it's awful so I don't want to finish it, hah. It has a lot of typos which I also didn't feel like fixing, sorry.

For You
for you i hold the razor close
for you i cry and never hold
for you i see the dark at day
for you i want to fade away

look in the mirror what do you see
a broken soul or a lifeless body
this is what you did
this is what you want me to be
this is what i have
this is whats left of me

you broke my life
you bruised my soul
you killed my life
now you're in control

This second one was written in August 2008. It was to my boyfriend of the time (now ex). We dated for 2 and a half years. It's cheesy but I just adore cheesy stuff :p

perfection was never true
until the day i met you
your eyes locked mine
your eyes so divine

hands met
lips touched
racing hearts
growing love

warm hearted smile
soft gentle touch
cuddle of an angel
i love you so much

love of my life
through every single strife
what can you see
beyond happiness and glee

so lucky to be the one by your side
so lucky to see the love of my life
please never leave
i have to believe
that you will only ever want me

This last one I wrote in December 2006. So, a while ago.. I just found these in my room so I decided to put them up on here.

The bruises cover the body
The pain covers the soul
The memories haunt my movements
I need somewhere to go
The hand is cold and stiff
Watching my every move
The body is left to bruise

Dying alive
Living alone
Left in the darkness
No one is home

Grab this lifeless body
Breathe the sigh of hope
Live in all my weaknesses
Brighten up my soul