Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going to college or not does not determine your intelligence level

I despise when people give me, "that look". The look when I tell them i'm not going back to college. They think i'm stupid, not mature enough, or just plain dumb. It's my own choice and i'm owning up to it like no other.

Yeah, college was fun and all but it's just not for me. I'm very mature for my own age so i'm not crazy partier that needs to constantly be downing beer.

I've decided i'm going to Aveda Cosmetology school. I want to make people feel beautiful as they should always feel. That would truly make me happy beyond belief that I could make someone feel great about themselves. I strive to open a hair salon and call it Kat's Kuts. :D Yeah, i'm cheesy but a girl can dream, right?

much love guys


AlexisJackson said...

i hate when people judge cause of that. I think you going to school for hair and make up is a great idea! I think that is a good option i bet you will love it (:
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