Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Imperfections are so beautiful.

WHen I love someone, I love their smile, the way they make me smile and the way their arms wrap around me perfectly. But what I find to be the most beautiful thing about someone, are their imperfections.

The way their hair frizzes after some humidity, or that their height is not known to be "normal", or the way their eyes change color when they're excited about something. I always hear girls say that they hate guys who are insecure and that they need a tough man to love.

I disagree completely.

I think insecurity in a man is wonderful. It shows that thy're not fake, and that they're honestly real people. It shows me how beautiful he really is. I doubt anyone really agrees with me or that it makes much sense but..... it's how i feel.

I like the gentleness of a girl in guys in someway. I'm sometimes attracted to bi guys more than straight guys just because they make more of an attempt to make me feel good about myself, to feel loved.

Love is confusing and i'm giving up trying to understand it.


mauigirl294 said...

I honestly love this post that you wrote....there just something about it haha I can't put my finger on it but you are an excellent writer!