Monday, November 15, 2010

Imagine. 11/15

I'd like to imagine a world where we could pause time and get lose in our own happiness. That our hearts were constructed to be indestructable even with the coldest ones pounding at it.

I imagine this quite often actually. especially when i've had a bit too much to drink. Our lives, the one thing all of us are searching for is love. The need to love and care for someone and the need for that affection to be returned. We often are misunderstood in relationships which leads us to the broken heart.

I'm begining to question the importance of love in our lives. I have been nothing but hurt when it comes to love and i'm wondering if i should even attempt to find it. the beauty in the world can be loved, your friends can be loved, your family can be loved, so that means i don't need to find, "the one" right? I can fend on my own and be independent. I don't need a man to find happiness.

But once I actually think this over, I come to the conclusion that i'm just imagining.... yet again.


Mr. LameButt said...

Cool! Another teen blogger, finally...xD
Well, that's the thing about our lives. If you think about it, we were put in this world to find love. Every movie. Every song. Every BODY yearns for love. It's the moment and peace that everyone wants -- happiness. To obtain that true happiness, each and everyone receives love from another person. We don't live to hate (at least we shouldn't), we live to love. But better yet, ask yourself this question. What is love? Love is defined as the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Each person has a definition of love, but the general definition is and SHOULD be -- " Love is the doing of good for one another. "
Without doing good for each other, there would be no happiness. That happiness is no where to be found until it is received. In order to receive, one has to give.

Of course there would be heartbroken times in a relationship, possibly the end of one. That's life. Keep searching for love ---our life. What are the top movies and songs about? Love. heartbreak. Usher's, "My Boo" ends up being, "Let it Burn". He loved and was happy. Then he lost and was sad. Then guess what song came after that? "Dream Girl"
He found another person to cherish xD We have to do the same thing.

Sorry for the rant. I got too excited...

Kat <3 said...

haha you seem awesome!

Madisin said...

I really enjoyed this! I just made a blog and I needed someone to follow. I searched and searched google for "top teen bloggers" and your blog popped up. You had me right at the name! This blog is honest, and well written. Nothing could make it more perfect. You are the inspiration for my blog! I am looking forward to see what else you have to say:)


Kat <3 said...

wow, that was truly amazing! Thank you so much!! and my blog popped up really?? but seriously, this made me so happy. thank you so much!

Madisin said...

Yes, in my luck your amazing, heartfelt blog popped up! You are so welcome, even though you don't have to thank me. Because this blog is your heart, and it's beautiful with out comments. Kind of like someone with out make up. They are still pretty with out it. The make up just is icing to the cake. I want my blog to be uniqe and honest like yours! Do you have any suggestions?? I have a few posts but I'm not sure if they cut it. Thanks for blogging!

~Madi :)